Scaling your digital twin with Krucial CONNECT

Scaling your digital twin with Krucial CONNECT


Digital twins play a pivotal role in the energy sector, offering digital representations of complex sites, from wind farms to smart grids. By harnessing the latest data through advanced visualisation tools, decision-makers have a comprehensive view of their sites or operations, driven by the most accurate and timely information available. 

Krucial CONNECT seamlessly integrates data from any sensor, regardless of location, into any application. Whether a site is in an area with no traditional connectivity infrastructure or even offshore, Krucial CONNECT ensures connectivity, serving as a single point of truth for every LoRaWAN device on a site. This not only simplifies IoT deployment but also facilitates the connection of thousands of devices using a single gateway. 

Collaborating with Bentley Systems, Krucial is now at the forefront of creating scalable IoT solutions for infrastructure projects. But what exactly are the benefits of digital twins, and how does Krucial support their deployment? 

Predictive Maintenance: Digital twins enable continuous monitoring and analysis of physical assets, predicting potential issues and allowing for early maintenance. This proactive approach significantly reduces downtime. 

Optimised Operations: By simulating real-world processes, digital twins optimise operations, enhancing efficiency and identifying opportunities for streamlining processes. 

Improved Decision-Making: Digital twins provide data-driven insights, facilitating informed decision-making by offering a virtual representation of assets and systems, leading to better overall performance. 

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The benefits of digital twins are clear, but ensuring they are fed with the timeliest data can be challenging, especially in remote operations within the energy sector.  

Krucial addresses this challenge head-on. 

Data from IoT sensors, whether on a specific asset or across an entire site, is continuously available to decision-makers through cellular and multiple satellite backhauls. These connections automatically switch based on availability. If cellular connectivity falters, satellite connectivity seamlessly kicks in, with multiple satellites ensuring uninterrupted data flow. This robust approach maximises uptime, guaranteeing resiliency and reliability, ensuring decision-makers always have access to crucial data. 

This level of robustness means that digital twins powered by Krucial CONNECT can cover any site on earth, ensuring decision-makers always have access to the latest data. 

Krucial CONNECT offers a convenient and straightforward technology deployment process. This not only streamlines operations but also reduces the need for frequent trips to remote areas to collect data. The result is a significant reduction in the carbon footprint of users. 

The impact goes beyond operational efficiency, translating into substantial financial savings, improved sustainability practices, and ultimately, better-informed decisions. Properly deployed IoT infrastructure, coupled with powerful digital twins, is the key to a more sustainable and efficient future in the energy sector. With Krucial CONNECT, the future is now. 

If you want more information on how Krucial can support the scaling of your digital twin technology, fill out the form below and one of the team will be in touch.

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