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Digitizing energy

The energy sector is changing a lot. And fast.

With assets spread across vast territories, and more sensor and device options than ever before, IoT adoption seems the next logical step.

But the success of this all depends on quality of data.

So how can you connect your device data to your business systems, to ensure you get the quality information you need?

Krucial Connect is purpose-built to solve this problem for the energy sector. By seamlessly linking your IoT devices to the cloud, it gives you continuous connectivity, across any location, and in any situation—no matter what communications infrastructure you have in place.

The end result? You get data that is complete, accurate, and up to date. So you can make critical business decisions with confidence.

Energy: how it works

Simply connect IoT devices, such as sensors, to securely transmit data via LoRaWAN from your assets, sites, infrastructure, and buildings. Krucial CONNECT automatically switches between satellite and cellular, so your operational data keeps flowing. Durable, futureproof, it can be deployed anywhere – even your more remote and hard-to-reach sites. And thanks to a robust API, you can easily integrate with internal systems and workflows, so you have the data you need to make informed business decisions –  fast.


Krucial for Energy

IoT is driving serious transformation for the energy sector. Allowing service providers and controllers to remotely monitor performance data, and get a clearer picture of their operations. But most solutions rely on cellular connectivity, or simplistic point-to-point networks. These are costly, and present gaps in your data—from patchy coverage and network downtime.

With Krucial CONNECT you get the continuous performance data you need, for your smart grid, your wind farm, or your oil and gas pipelines.

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Use Cases

Oil and gas pipelines

Oil and gas pipelines

It makes sense to cut the cost of diagnosing oil and gas pipeline faults using sensors. That is, until reality gets in the way. No Wi-Fi. Patchy cellular coverage. And thousands of miles of infrastructure, often passing through some of the most inaccessible terrain on the planet, make oil and gas pipeline monitoring a real problem.

Krucial CONNECT solves this problem—allowing your monitoring to become fully remote, with continuous, secure and resilient connectivity. In any situation.

  • Apply maintenance preventively, not reactively, avoiding costly damage and stoppages
  • Remotely troubleshoot your lines and address defects the moment you spot them
  • Improve safety, protect the environment, and reduce losses by tackling leaks faster and more effectively than before
  • Reduce downtime, keep all your assets working hard and significantly cut your maintenance costs
Wind farms and turbine controllers

Wind farms and turbine controllers

For wind farms and turbine controllers, the need for accurate data reporting is fast outgrowing the availability of personnel. And, being located in areas with little to no connectivity—like hillsides or off the coast—makes data collection challenging and unpredictable. How can you make monitoring more accessible? And bring reliable connectivity to such sparse and fragmented environments?

Krucial CONNECT gives you the power to monitor wind farm data and regulate turbine operation—all while getting data back from your deployed IoT devices—on a completely remote basis. Giving you the continuous flow of performance data you need, from any location.

  • Respond immediately to sudden changes in weather to reduce turbine downtime 
  • Remotely monitor and conduct fault and failure diagnosis, improving  performance and lifespan
  • Save cost and resources by switching to a condition-based maintenance schedule
  • Reduce the need for manual inspections and improve resource efficiencies
Smart Grid Infrastructure

Smart Grid Infrastructure

When consumers lose power, operators lose money. And unfortunately, SF6  leaks, critical faults and unpredictable fluctuations in local demand make it hard to keep power flowing steadily and prevent energy service interruptions. Energy companies need clear visibility of both power consumption, and a way to stay alert of outages and incidents as they occur.

Krucial Connect gives you remote visibility of your grid, without relying on costly point-to-point networks or unreliable cellular connectivity. 

  • Reduce operational costs by managing your grid remotely
  • Identify faults, solve outages faster, and reduce their frequency overall
  • Coordinate precise demand response programs with up-to-date information on surges
  • Get a clearer picture of performance across electrical, environmental and spatial parameters
  • Optimize power production and reduce emissions with accurate environmental data

Oil and gas pipelines

Wind farms controllers

Smart Grid Infrastructure

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