Krucial to join prestigious iTwin Activate program from Bentley Systems

Krucial to join prestigious iTwin Activate program from Bentley Systems

Krucial has been announced as a cohort member of the Bentley Systems iTwin Activate program, an accelerator to foster innovation between infrastructure engineering software companies.

As one of only four handpicked companies from across the world, the program offers Krucial the opportunity to work with Bentley experts to accelerate the development of an integrated infrastructure intelligence solution that leverages the reach of Krucial’s IoT connectivity platform, while gaining market insight and connecting with existing clients and partners from across the world.

Krucial provides complete data collection, transmission and integration to give enterprises a full overview of their assets and operations. As part of the iTwin Activate program, Krucial will integrate its cutting-edge infrastructure IoT technology with Bentley Systems software to enable powerful mass IoT deployment more quickly and easily than ever.

The iTwin Activate program fosters collaboration between Bentley Systems and early-stage start-ups in the infrastructure software industry. Bentley Systems is one of the biggest software development companies on earth, operating in 194 countries worldwide, and its strategic partner Bentley iTwin Ventures will manage the program. This year’s cohort will focus specifically on infrastructure IoT solutions in sectors including rail, energy, water and construction.

Having already deployed complex IoT projects across the world across a range of industries, Krucial’s offering – to connect any sensor from any location and the enable easily scalable IoT projects – is a perfect fit for Bentley end users.

Allan Cannon, co-founder and CEO of Krucial, said:

“This is a huge opportunity for Krucial to work with a genuine world leader in software and integrate any sensor from any location into the Bentley digital twin ecosystem for unmatched data accessibility.

“One of the central challenges to mass IoT deployment on infrastructure projects is scale. On sites or operations with thousands of sensors, all measuring different parameters, with different integration requirements, ensuring critical data collected can be transmitted and analysed is no small task.

“At Krucial, we completely simplify that process – our tech-agnostic solution allows for wholesale digitization without the complexity, while still being commercially attractive. Combined with Bentley’s experience and expertise in providing industry-leading software, we’re confident that together we’ll deliver an offering that can transform infrastructure projects all over the world.

“This year has been the biggest yet for Krucial. We’ve taken on a further $3.7mn of investment and unlocked more opportunities in the UK and internationally in the $400bn enterprise IoT market. Working with Bentley will boost our capabilities and market presence even further.”

Cory Baldwin, Vice President of Infrastructure IoT at Bentley Systems, said:

“We are excited about Krucial’s sensor agnostic connectivity platform and its ability to be quickly deployed to any location globally. The marriage of our technologies brings reliable and cost-effective condition monitoring to critical infrastructure regardless of its location.”

To find out more about Krucial’s involvement, contact us here.

If you want more information on how Krucial is working with Bentley Systems to enable powerful mass IoT deployments, get in touch below.

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