Krucial and Connected Farms join forces to digitise farming operations globally

Krucial and Connected Farms join forces to digitise farming operations globally

Satellite-enabled communications specialist Krucial has partnered with Australia-based Connected Farms, which provides tailored connectivity solutions to enable digital agriculture across rural and remote Australia, New Zealand and the UK. The partnership will see Krucial work with Connected Farms to digitise agricultural operations in connectivity-challenged areas.  

Krucial provides resilient, reliable access to mission-critical data for industries with remote and hard-to-reach assets. Using a combination of state-of-the-art satellite and cellular technology combined with IoT and cloud services, Krucial's solution offers an easy to integrate end-to-end digital infrastructure that can connect any operation on the planet, unlocking digital transformation anywhere. Connected Farms provides reliable on-farm connectivity and AgriTech solutions that allow farmers across sectors, including broadacre and horticulture, to improve the productivity, efficiency, and safety of their operations. By enabling digital agriculture this helps to reduce the inputs required by farmers and increase their yields. 

This announcement will see both companies work together to form a long-term strategic partnership focusing on the integration of both Connected Farms’ leading agricultural connectivity solutions and Krucial’s flagship product, Krucial CONNECT. 

Australian farm managers and operators often contend with very poor connectivity over extensive areas. Combining the capabilities of both Krucial and Connected Farms solutions – complete with sensors, connectivity infrastructure, and open API to work with existing business systems - will result in a reliable, resilient, and holistic end-to-end digitisation offering for farming businesses. 

Utilising the technology of both for a complete solution will enable farmers to adopt digital agriculture, including autonomous machinery, remote crop and livestock management, real-time farm analytics and trends, and achieve a deeper understanding of farm and environmental conditions. Use cases for the partnership could include monitoring farm weather conditions for continuous spray drift stop alerts for broadacre farms, and even continuous monitoring of soil and crop health in vineyards and orchards to inform activities such as water management, plus much more. 

Kevin Quillien, co-founder and CTO of Krucial, said:  

“This partnership represents a major milestone for the business. Entering the market in Australia and New Zealand, especially into a sector as thriving as agriculture, is hugely exciting, and working with Connected Farms means we’ll be able to offer a simple solution for agriculture operators at all stages of the digitisation journey.   

“Whether it’s helping optimise water usage, informing farm operations or warning of imminent issues, we’re confident this partnership will unlock a range of high-value use cases.  

“Krucial has seen success in the aquaculture market to date and being able to apply our expertise to agriculture shows we can support sectors which are critical to the health and wealth of societies. Working with Connected Farms, which is an expert in applying cutting edge connectivity technology to the agriculture sector, puts us in a strong position as we scale further across geographies.”  

Tom Andrews, CEO of Connected Farms, added: "At Connected Farms our driving ethos is to ensure farmers have reliable and effective connectivity and AgriTech fence-to-fence. By working with Krucial we can bring these robust solutions to the Australian and New Zealand market with great outcomes for farmers.”

You can find out more about Krucial at and Connected Farms at Connected Farms | Enabling Digital Agriculture. Get in touch to talk to us about your connectivity needs here.    

If you want more information on how Krucial and Connected Farms can digitise your farm, get in touch below.

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