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Digitizing aquaculture with Connected Seafarm

Across the aquaculture industry, early detection of environmental changes is key to taking preventive action, maximizing yield, and improving fish welfare.

Fish farm operators continue to adopt innovative technology to measure, analyze and act upon their operations data. But for this data to be accurate, secure and reliable network connectivity is needed. Which for most aquaculture operations, due to how and where they are located often proves to be  a challenge.

Connected Seafarm from Krucial is the answer to unreliable cellular connectivity, blindspots and power outages. Allowing you to digitize every site in your aquaculture operation with ease. No matter how remote.

Choose from a complete end-to-end service – comprising sensor options, resilient dual satellite and cellular connectivity, and a data insights dashboard to translate your raw data into actionable insights. Or simply a resilient private network connectivity solution if it just continuous connectivity coverage you need on, near, or off-shore.

Digitize your fish farming operations with ease

Connected Seafarm: how it works

Simply connect IoT devices, such as sensors, to securely transmit data via LoRaWAN across multiple pens, farms and infrastructure and unlock data-driven insights to optimise operational performance, reduce risk, and make informed business decisions.

Connected Seafarm  provides a drop-in private network to securely digitize any farm in less than six hours. Industrially certified for extreme operating environments, Connected Seafarm automatically switches between satellite and cellular, so your operational data keeps flowing. Resilient and futureproof, it can be deployed anywhere—on, near, or offshore. 

Our intuitive custom built aquaculture insights dashboard is designed to translate raw sensor data into valuable actionable insights that can be shared with local and central teams. Securely store, replicate pen layout, visualize, and interpret current and historic data. Or if you prefer, with our robust API, you can easily integrate Connected Seafarm with internal systems and workflows, so you have the data you need to make informed wider business decisions— fast.


Krucial Connected Seafarm – Use Cases

Feed barge monitoring

Feed barge monitoring

Feed barges can be a significant investment for operators, and for many are key to helping provide more efficient methods of feed care, but minor unseen faults—such as a latch failing to close—can pose a huge risk.

By remotely monitoring sensor data across key barge areas, like latches and doors, Connected Seafarm allows barge personnel to address potential issues before they can develop into more serious risks.

  • Get alerts when latches, doors and other openings are compromised
  • Accurately plan resource models with up-to-date info on changing weather conditions
  • Reduce the need for on-site presence, with 24/7 visibility from your IoT devices
  • Reduce the impact of technical and maintenance issues on fish welfare, the environment, and your business
Environmental monitoring

Environmental monitoring

Fish farmers benefit from complete and continuous visibility of environmental conditions on their sites —for example temperature and dissolved oxygen levels—to ensure fish welfare. While sensors provide the means to monitor these parameters remotely, for operations in remote, off-grid locations, poor connectivity makes it difficult to get complete and accurate data.

Connected Seafarm from Krucial gives you a clearer view of your operations—with better quality and quantity of data. Meaning you can work smarter, even in places where supporting communications infrastructure cannot be guaranteed.

  • Continuously monitor environmental conditions across all your sites
  • Detect and address environmental changes earlier than ever
  • Increase survivability of fish and other marine life, and prevent loss of stock
  • Respond quickly to changing conditions and identify potential risks
New site surveillance

New site surveillance

When opening new sites, fish farmers benefit from having an understanding of the conditions before applying for permission. But for fish farming sites further offshore, connectivity can prove challenging. This makes it hard to get the quality, continuous data needed for early surveillance, which prevents fish farmers from remotely assessing the viability of potential new sites. 

Connected Seafarm from Krucial gives fish farm operators the resilient connectivity they need to gain early visibility of site conditions—even where supporting communications infrastructure cannot be guaranteed.

  • Get valuable insights into environmental conditions, like tides and currents
  • Assess water quality and potential pollution sources
  • Remotely monitor conditions with 24/7 visibility from IoT devices
  • Make informed decisions with a clear understanding of potential site viability

Feed barge monitoring

Environmental monitoring

New site surveillance

Technical details



LoRaWAN compatible as standard with other protocols available (contacts us for more information) for long range (<15km) smart device communications, with high signal penetration and low-power transmission as standard.

Multiple backhauls and intelligent switching between satellite and cellular connectivity provide exceptional resilience and reach. This makes for secure, reliable network connectivity, with minimal chances of downtime and data loss. 

Can be deployed in off-grid, off-shore and remote locations without issue.



Data is transmitted seamlessly from smart devices to the cloud, giving you complete control over all your operational data, across all assets and sites.

You can store and manage your data directly from our systems, or forward it on to your own, depending on what’s best for your business.

We’re IASME Gold certified, so you can rest assured that your data will be handled securely.



Our API allows you to integrate the capabilities of Connected Seafarm into your existing business infrastructure—with minimum complexity.

Simply register your gateways and IoT devices to begin forwarding your business-critical data to and from site. It really is that simple.

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Insights platform

Our data insights platform displays easy-to-understand graphs and charts on everything from water salinity to feeding practices—data that can be shared with local and central teams at the click of a button.

Make better-informed business decisions by monitoring environmental factors, including temperature, dissolved oxygen, salinity, and turbidity, as well as assets.




Insights platform

The really technical stuff

Device Communications

Device communication

Frequency: 868/915MHz
Range: <15km 

Multi Backhaul


Primary Cellular: NB-IoT / Cat-M
Secondary Cellular: EGPRS
Primary Satellite: Geostationary
Secondary Satellite: Low-Earth orbit 

Hardware Specs-2

Hardware specifications

Mass: 9.2kg
Mounting: Wall and Pole
Power Input: AC 110-240V DC 12-24V
Battery Capacity: 29Ah
Power Draw: 3-6W (typ.) 35W (peak)
Certification: CE, FCC, ISED

Device communication


Hardware specifications

Connectivity for good: Why is connectivity so important for improving fish welfare?

Download our whitepaper to learn why better connected fish farms will lead to healthier fish.  “Efforts to improve connectivity [for fish farms] must be prioritised as even short delays in transferring data can have major implications for fish welfare.” Dr Lynne Falconer, Research Fellow, University of Stirling.

Connected Seafarm: Trial Package

The trial package combines a range of sensors with our resilient dual satellite and cellular communications solution and custom-built aquaculture insights dashboard to easily automate two-way data transmission 24/7 and unlock data insights.

Set up in less than 6 hours.

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