Top Tips for Digitizing Rail Operations

Top Tips for Digitizing Rail Operations
Digitization has become increasingly important in the rail industry due to the rise of industrial IoT and the need for remote monitoring. In fact, the rail maintenance management system market is estimated to reach over $30 billion by 2031, according to Allied Market Research. 

Digitization relies on strong connectivity – something Krucial can address with a hybrid cellular and satellite solution. This means that when cellular is knocked out or not available, satellite automatically kicks in so there’s no data downtime.  

Here are some top tips for effective digitization of rail operations:  

  1. Connectivity is Key: A robust and reliable communications infrastructure is a must for digitizing rail operations. Krucial CONNECT connects IoT devices via LoRaWAN before transmitting to decision-makers via cellular/satellite hybrid solution – this seamlessly switches between cellular and satellite networks to eliminate any potential data blackspot and guarantee connectivity.
  2. Invest in the Right Technologies: Carefully select and invest in technologies such as IoT sensors, machine learning and cloud computing that are easy to use, scalable and can integrate with existing systems to support digitization efforts. Krucial CONNECT, as a communications infrastructure, is technologically agnostic; put simply, it can scale with emerging technologies as and when you choose to implement them. 
  3. Assess Current State: It’s crucial to understand the current state of your organization, including processes, technologies, and infrastructure, to identify areas that can benefit from digital technologies. Digitization can allow for remote monitoring and management, improve worker safety, and maximize efficiency. 


Infrastructure Monitoring 

Railway structures, bridges and tunnels are often situated in “blackspot” areas, resulting in a reliance on manual on-site inspections which are neither time nor cost efficient.  

KRUCIAL CONNECT: Transition from proactive to preventive maintenance through remote monitoring of all infrastructure at scale. Optimize servicing schedules and minimize risk and operational inefficiencies – for good 


Business Benefits 

  • Deploy industrial IoT devices at scale on or off-grid 
  • Integrate with your wider business systems and databases to get visibility across operations 
  • Improve efficiency and workforce safety by reducing the need for manual maintenance 
  • Reduce service disruptions with a data driven approach to planning and prioritizing maintenance 

Digitization is the future of rail operations. By investing in the right technologies, assessing current state, and prioritizing connectivity, rail operators can take advantage of the benefits of digitization, such as improved efficiency and workforce safety. Krucial CONNECT offers a reliable and scalable solution for the rail industry’s digitization needs. 

Rail - Use Case - Rail Bridge Monitoring

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