Keep your data connected and complete. In any situation.
Anywhere in the world.


No more blindspots.
No more data lag.

Keep your mission-critical data flowing, even across your remote, hard-to-reach and off-grid sites.

By bringing together the best of satellite communications with the best of cellular technology, Krucial CONNECT gives you the resilient communications infrastructure you need.

If the cell network fails, satellite takes over. If the power goes down, or mains power isn’t an option, there’s a wide choice of built-in power sources. This is the secure, reliable bridge you need between your enterprise systems and IoT devices. 

So, you always have the mission-critical intel you need to respond quickly, reduce risk and make informed business decisions. 

Krucial CONNECT: how it works

Simply connect IoT devices, such as sensors, to securely transmit data via LoRaWAN from your assets, sites, infrastructure, and buildings. Krucial CONNECT automatically switches between satellite and cellular, so your operational data keeps flowing. Durable, futureproof, it can be deployed anywhere – even your more remote and hard-to-reach sites. And thanks to a robust API, you can easily integrate with internal systems and workflows, so you have the data you need to make informed business decisionsfast.

Why Krucial CONNECT?


No cellular signal? No problem. Our technology automatically switches from cellular to satellite connectivity. Maximizing uptime and minimizing data loss.


Our hardware is rated IP68 and UL50E for durability. It’s waterproof, dust-tight, and purpose-built to stay that way. Even in the harshest conditions.


We’re platform-agnostic, meaning you can connect wirelessly to the largest range of out-the-box IoT devices on the market, for countless different uses.


Powered by AC, DC, solar, wind or fuel cell, and with an integrated battery – Krucial Connect is built to work no matter what. Power cut? You’re still connected.


Mount. Connect. Power on. Get set up in hours, not days. Installation and operation is simple and intuitive—no specialist tools or training required. 


Across all locations and devices, our systems make sure your data is only ever accessed by the right people. And yes, we’re IASME Gold certified.

Technical details

Making the inaccessible, accessible

Collect data from anywhere, no matter what, with a single workflow to fuel growth and scale your business operations.

The really technical stuff

Device communication

Frequency: 868/915MHz
Range: <15km 

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