Retrofitting Legacy Energy Assets: The Importance of Connectivity for Energy Retrofit

Retrofitting Legacy Energy Assets: The Importance of Connectivity for Energy Retrofit
The energy industry is experiencing a period of transformation, and it’s estimated that to reach net-zero, global spending on physical assets in the transition would amount to about $275 trillion between 2021 and 2050.  However, replacing current energy assets and equipment can be costly, time-consuming, and inefficient. Retrofitting legacy energy assets with IoT technology can help track their impact and improve their efficiency. In this article, we will discuss the importance of connectivity for energy retrofit and how it can be achieved.

Retrofitting legacy assets with industrial IoT technology is a game-changer, but it relies on the quality of data collected. To collect timely data, connectivity is essential. The ability to remotely monitor energy assets, such as chemical processing equipment and pumps, can be achieved by using sensor technology. 


However, poor connectivity remains a significant challenge in many remote and hard-to-reach areas where energy assets are located. This is where Krucial CONNECT can help.


Krucial CONNECT uses cellular and multiple satellite backhauls to provide resilient and reliable connectivity, even in extreme weather conditions. This solution ensures that data is collected and delivered continuously to team members anywhere on the planet, resulting in more accurate predictive maintenance, better insight into environmental conditions, and more robust data to inform future capital expenditures. 


Krucial CONNECT works by connecting industrial IoT devices, such as sensors, to transmit data securely from energy assets, infrastructure, buildings, and sites. The solution can be deployed anywhere, including remote and hard-to-reach sites, making it future-proof and durable. Additionally, with its open API Krucial CONNECT can easily integrate with internal systems and workflows, providing the data needed for informed business decisions. 


Retrofitting legacy energy assets with industrial IoT technology is crucial to achieving sustainability goals. However, poor connectivity can hinder the collection of quality data. Krucial CONNECT offers a solution to this challenge by providing resilient and reliable connectivity.  


With Krucial CONNECT, energy assets can be retrofitted with IoT technology, resulting in improved efficiency and sustainability. 


To learn more about how Krucial CONNECT can help retrofit legacy energy assets with IoT technology, visit Krucial Connect – KRUCIAL. 

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