Reliable Industrial IoT Connectivity with a Hybrid Solution

Reliable Industrial IoT Connectivity with a Hybrid Solution

As industries continue to embrace the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), the need for reliable and fast connectivity has become critical. However, traditional connectivity solutions may not be sufficient to meet the demands of IIoT devices. This is where a hybrid connectivity solution which includes satellite backhaul can be transformative. 


Hybrid solutions combine the strengths of different connectivity technologies to provide a seamless and reliable connection for IIoT devices. Those, such as Krucial CONNECT, which use satellite as part of the offering, offer advantages over traditional terrestrial connectivity platforms and can connect devices from anywhere on earth.  


Advantages of Hybrid Solutions for Industrial IoT 

One of the most significant advantages of hybrid solutions for IIoT is their flexibility and reliability. With multiple connectivity technologies working together, devices can tap into whatever is available – meaning there should be no downtime and data keeps flowing regardless of location or weather conditions. 


Krucial CONNECT – Hybrid Solution for IIoT 

Krucial CONNECT is a hybrid connectivity solution that brings together the best of satellite communications with cellular technology, giving business the resilient communications infrastructure required to operate anywhere. 


If the cell network fails, satellite takes over. If the power goes down, or mains power isn’t an option, there’s a wide choice of built-in power sources. The result is that users always have the mission-critical intel they need to respond quickly, reduce risk and make informed business decisions. 


Use Case – Precision farming  

To be able to carry out effective precision farming, agricultural operators need quality data from multiple sources (such as remote sensors) to effectively maximize yield and efficiency, while minimizing overheads.  


This is only possible with complete and accurate visibility of all the data assets across an agricultural operation. 


Unfortunately, most farms are in locations too remote to have reliable network connectivity, which limits the quality of the data they can collect. 


Krucial CONNECT makes precision farming possible by extending reliable, resilient connectivity to any location.  


This keeps all your assets and smart devices connected, continuously transmitting accurate real-time data, no matter how remote your operation. 


Drive fast, targeted decision-making based on real-time data on such things as crop conditions. 


Achieve greater farming yield and sustainability credentials by adopting more accurate, data-driven practices 


Support future equipment investment, with an in-depth view of current assets vs farm outputs. 



Hybrid connectivity is a necessity for organizations looking to confidently deploy and monetize industrial IoT. The ability to tap into multiple communications backhauls not only means technology can be fully utilized regardless of terrestrial infrastructure, but also adds a layer of resilient to connectivity across sectors and geographies.  

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