Partner with Krucial and reach every corner of the globe

Partner with Krucial and reach every corner of the globe

The deployment of IoT technology is essential across many industries, and is expected to be worth more than $700bn in energy alone by 2031, but connectivity remains a paramount challenge for solution providers, sensor makers, and integrators.


At Krucial, we offer an innovative communications solution that empowers partners to deploy cutting-edge technology in areas previously deemed data blindspots. With Krucial CONNECT, our private drop-in network enables seamless connections for Industrial IoT devices, overcoming patchy or non-existent cellular connectivity.


Sensor provider? Ensure data collected by your technology gets to decision-makers from anywhere. Software manager? Integrate data from remote areas into your platform to offer a full overview of an asset or operation.


If you’re a partner seeking to expand your solutions in untapped territories, read on to discover how Krucial can revolutionize your operations.


Unlocking Connectivity with Krucial CONNECT: Krucial CONNECT provides a breakthrough solution for partners, offering reliable connectivity for existing devices in even the most remote locations on the planet. Our technology can be deployed anywhere and connects thousands of devices up to 15km away, ensuring a wide coverage range that was previously unthinkable.


Seamless Data Transfer with Dual-Backhaul Technology: The heart of Krucial CONNECT’s success lies in its advanced dual-backhaul technology. Through a combination of cellular and multiple-satellite backhauls, data is continuously transmitted to the cloud, regardless of location or environmental conditions. This seamless switching between backhauls guarantees uninterrupted data flow, ensuring critical information is never lost, even if cellular signals fail. With Krucial, you can trust that your IoT devices stay connected no matter the challenges of the environment.


Integration Made Easy with Open API: Integrating your data into existing business systems and dashboards is simple. Krucial’s open API allows for smooth and hassle-free data integration, providing partners with a versatile and vendor lock-in-free solution. Digitizing a site or asset can now be accomplished within a matter of hours, streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency.


Unleashing Opportunities in Previously Inaccessible Geographies: For partners ranging from mobile network operators to sensor providers to software companies, Krucial’s resilient communications infrastructure opens up new avenues for growth. With connectivity available in areas lacking terrestrial infrastructure, Krucial empowers partners to venture into approximately 90% of the earth’s surface previously untapped. This unprecedented reach promises a world of possibilities for your business expansion.


Partner with Krucial today and take advantage of our cutting-edge IoT connectivity solutions. By joining forces with us, you can bring your innovative technology to areas where it was once deemed impossible. Let Krucial help you bridge the gap between your devices and seamless connectivity today.


Join us in digitizing the planet by expanding your solutions worldwide.

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