Meet the Team – Sian Stockwell, Head of Projects

Meet the Team – Sian Stockwell, Head of Projects
Our Head of Projects, Sian Stockwell, is one of the longest serving team members at Krucial and was employee number four when she joined in April 2020.  She took time out of her busy schedule to talk to us about her time with Krucial to date, why she has such a passion for project management, and her epic hikes around the USA. 

Tell us a bit about yourself  

I’m an engineer and product designer by trade – I’ve always enjoyed the logic that comes with engineering, understanding a problem and systematically working it out.  


Having started on the graduate scheme at BAE Systems working on naval ships on the Clyde (from project design to welding!), my role here at Krucial is a much more people-focused one, which I’m glad of. In my career I’ve sat in the control systems of aircraft carriers, learned to fabricate and tested huge diesel generators – now I carry out a more strategic role. 


 Project Manager sounds like a pretty broad role – what does it entail? 

 I lead on the development and delivery of projects across the business, liaising between engineering and commercial colleagues to ensure everyone is comfortable with the goals being set.  


From drafting project documents to stakeholder management and supporting the creation of engineering requirements, my role is truly multi-functional. 


 Working across teams is one of the aspects of project management I value the most. The team here are extremely supportive as well as all being experts in what they do, so I’m able to draw on their experience too.  


My background is in heavy industry and renewables, now I work on projects pertaining to space technology and IoT. The opportunities in this market are significant, and I like knowing that the projects I lead and the teams I work across are contributing to technology that could transform industries all over the world, from energy to aquaculture. 


What’s it been like working for a high-growth scaleup like Krucial? 

I was employee number four and seeing the progress that has been made in a short period of time has been hugely exciting.  


Working in an environment like Krucial – which is fast-paced and exciting but also flexible and very supportive – is something I really appreciate. I can use my existing skillset while building on it every day, help deliver projects across teams and learning about new technologies.  

The thing about working at a scaleup is that every day is different and the opportunities are vast; one day I may be speaking to a potential client about work packages for a trial, the next I could be at an international conference speaking to stakeholders about the benefits of our hybrid communications platform. The variety is amazing! 


It sounds like you’re busy! What do you get up to outside of work? 

I love being busy, and that’s the same in my spare time! I’m a travel addict and a keen hobbyist – from learning Italian to curling. 


Through my travels I’ve also completed the Appalachian Trail in 2018, which was a hike from Georgia to Maine, right up the east coast of the USA (2190.9 miles that year!), and more recently the Pacific Crest Trail up the west coast.  


I contracted lyme disease and even got frostbite in my hands but those experiences were life-changing for me and have driven me to think big and be as ambitious as possible – in and out of work. 


Sian meeting a bear at Shenandoah National Park during one of her hikes across the USA.
Sian meeting a bear at Shenandoah National Park during one of her hikes across the USA.

What does the future hold for Krucial? 

The sky is the limit! Over the coming year I’m excited about getting our solution Krucial CONNECT out globally and continuing to build on the product. Resilient connectivity can help so many industries all over the world – and I’m confident we’re going to transform organisations everywhere for the better. 


Quick fire questions  

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time ?

Tinkering, weightlifting, hillwalking, curling, professional masseuse, sommelier (I like an extra-curricular)


Favourite holiday destination and why?

Lake Como, feel happiest by water, go every year, great food, wine and temperature, and it’s why I’m learning Italian


If you could be anyone for a day who a would you be and why?   

No one! One of my tattoos is from the end of the poem ‘Invictus’ and it’s “I am the master of my fate, I am the Captain of my soul” and this is genuinely something I believe. If there’s anything I want to do or try, then I’m the only one stopping myself from doing it – so nothing is impossible.


Dogs or cats?

Dogs – cats hate me!


Favourite food?

Creme eggs – I have 5 hidden round the house at all times.

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