Mass IoT deployments: the importance of simplicity

Mass IoT deployments: the importance of simplicity

Internet of Things technology, it’s widely accepted, is changing the world – and can enable more sustainable practices in almost every sector.

In order to boost sustainability, however, deploying IoT technology must be simple and widespread. Monitoring emissions, supply chains, and even asset usage, gives decision-makers valuable insights that can help them accelerate their journey to net zero. But with an ever-growing IoT market, fragmentation can mean that the number of different hardware and software technologies that can go into a single deployment make managing the technology time-consuming and complicated.

According to World Economic Forum publication Internet of Things Guidelines for Sustainability, “excessive fragmentation” of IoT solutions can have negative impacts, including:

  • Higher costs
  • Lack of industry-wide standards
  • Interoperability suffers due to large number of interfaces
  • Too many customers continue to wait as technology is still evolving
  • Sub-scale projects not interesting to institutional investors.

Given the difficulty in consolidating IoT technology even in well connected urban environments, in areas with patchy connectivity this becomes an even greater challenge.

To effectively monitor emissions and processes in hard-to-reach locations, having a single solution through which a whole IoT deployment can connect saves time and money for operational teams.

Krucial CONNECT – a single point of truth for all IoT data

Krucial CONNECT seamlessly integrates data from any sensor, regardless of location, into any application. Hybrid connectivity ensures data flows at all times using cellular and multiple satellite backhauls – meaning if cellular cuts out, the K-Cell gateway automatically switches to satellite to maximise uptime. If a site or operation is offsite or even offshore, there’s no excuse for data blindspots.

Using a single gateway to connect up to thousands of sensors, even from different providers, simplifies large scale IoT deployments significantly. Often, multiple device manufactures, using different communications protocols, have to integrate with a number of software packages in order for data to be made available and valuable. Krucial changes this, with a simple deployment that can digitise a site in a matter of hours.

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