How can space technology revolutionize asset monitoring?

How can space technology revolutionize asset monitoring?

Efficient asset monitoring is crucial for businesses across sectors, from energy to agriculture. Digital technologies such as industrial internet of things (IIoT) sensors make this possible but only with connectivity. 


Remote monitoring is a game-changer, enabling continuous data transmission for insights and proactive management of assets. Leveraging space technology to guarantee connectivity enables asset monitoring to take this capability to new heights, ensuring secure and reliable connectivity even in challenging environments.  


Why do organizations need space technology to remotely monitor? 

Around 90% of the earth’s surface has no access to terrestrial connectivity services. This means that in those areas, cellular is non-existent, and building the infrastructure needed to enable cellular is time-consuming and expensive. By deploying a solution that can tap into space technology – satellites – decision-makers can access data from remote areas without the need for expensive capex.  


So how can space technology revolutionize asset monitoring? 

Deploy anywhere with space technology: One of the key challenges in remote monitoring is ensuring seamless connectivity, especially in remote or inaccessible areas. Space technology is the solution. Satellites on orbit offer coverage anywhere, meaning they can be accessed to send data from previously inaccessible locations. Remote assets can be tracked and managed, environmental conditions can be better understood, and worker safety on remote sites can be improved. 


Ultimate resilience: In the event of a cellular network failure, satellite connectivity can take over, providing a reliable bridge between enterprise systems and IoT devices. This ensures uninterrupted monitoring and data transmission, regardless of the location. 


Using space technology to remotely monitor a smart grid can save operators time and money.

Let’s take a look at two case studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of space technology in asset monitoring: 


Energy: When consumers lose power, operators lose money. Leaks, critical faults and unpredictable fluctuations in local demand make it hard to keep power flowing steadily and prevent energy service interruptions. Krucial Connect provides remote visibility of the grid, without relying on costly point-to-point networks or unreliable cellular connectivity. This allows users to reduce operational costs by managing the grid remotely as well as identify faults, solve outages faster, and reduce their frequency overall. It also enables for optimisation of power production to reduce emissions.


Monitor grain levels and quality remotely using space technology.

Agriculture: For many farms, monitoring stock levels and quality of seed and grain is a manual operation, done by eye.


Over time, this results in poor logistical choices, which means higher costs, inconsistent productivity, and loss of stock—all of which can be prevented with the right measures. Krucial CONNECT links to IIoT devices deployed in silos to remotely monitor seed and grain stock, providing a crystal-clear picture of operations from anywhere, anytime. Preserve stock quality with accurate data on temperature and moisture, reduce logistical costs with up-to-the-minute data on stock levels, free up time and capacity by removing the need for manual checks and reduce risks to workers by eliminating the need to climb silos for inspection purposes.


If you’re looking to revolutionize your asset monitoring with space technology, visit Krucial CONNECT. Our solution enables remote monitoring tailored to your specific needs, backed by cutting-edge space technology and extensive industry expertise. 

By leveraging space technology, businesses can optimize operations, minimize downtime, and improve overall efficiency. Take the first step towards transformative asset monitoring by exploring Krucial connectivity solutions today. 


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