Empowering Energy Asset Managers with Resilient Communications

Empowering Energy Asset Managers with Resilient Communications
For asset managers overseeing energy sites, ensuring emissions reduction, safe operations and the uninterrupted flow of products is paramount.

However, monitoring assets in such environments presents unique challenges, with parameters like vibration, pressure, methane and other critical factors requiring continuous tracking. Hybrid connectivity solutions like Krucial can enable monitoring technology anywhere on earth – and could be critical for organisations looking for scalable solutions that can integrate with the latest sensor technology.



Monitoring Complex Energy Sites

Energy sites are complex environments where the safety and productivity of assets are of utmost importance. Terrestrial connectivity options often fall short when it comes to accessing data on parameters like vibration, pressure, and other critical metrics from remote locations. This lack of continuous and reliable connectivity can pose significant risks, including delays in identifying potential safety hazards, asset downtime, and disruptions in the product flow.


Hybrid Connectivity Unleashes Safety and Operational Excellence

Hybrid connectivity offers a powerful solution by seamlessly integrating satellite and terrestrial networks for monitoring purposes, helping energy operators become as sustainable as possible as they transition to renewables.


Connect ATEX-certified devices using Krucial CONNECT, which then moves data collected by the technology to the cloud, making it available to asset managers remotely. If cellular is non-existent, patchy, or goes down due to extreme conditions, Krucial automatically switches to primary or secondary satellite so data never stops flowing, meaning there is no downtime. Data can then be integrated, using Krucial’s open API, with existing business systems, ready for analysis to provide insight and allow for alerts to be set.


With real-time safety monitoring, optimized productivity, and proactive maintenance planning, asset managers can ensure the uninterrupted flow of product while minimizing risks.


Unlock the potential of hybrid connectivity to enhance safety and operational excellence at your onshore energy and gas sites. Discover how Krucial can provide you with the seamless connectivity and contiuous data access you need to optimize your asset management strategies.

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