Connectivity is crucial to achieving industry 4.0

Connectivity is crucial to achieving industry 4.0


Industry 4.0, the fourth industrial revolution, is next stage for industries across the world looking to modernize. The digital transformation at the heart of this race brings real-time decision-making, smarter and safer processes, and easy analysis of huge datasets to fuel improved return on  technology investment, cost-savings and more efficient businesses. But it’s only through reliable and resilient connectivity that the data transfer required to make digital transformation possible can be achieved.


Overcoming Connectivity Challenges for Digital Transformation:

Connectivity gaps hinder digital transformation. Lack of access to cellular signals hampers digitization and the utilization of new technologies. It leads to connectivity downtime, implementation difficulties, and data blind spots. With 90% of the earth’s surface lacking terrestrial connectivity, it’s a challenge facing many industries.


Enabling Industry 4.0 with Krucial:

Krucial CONNECT provides a hybrid communications infrastructure for reliable connectivity in any condition. It ensures solid connectivity for maximum ROI in digital technologies, facilitating wide-scale digital transformation. Using a combination of cellular and multiple satellite backhauls, switching automatically depending on availability, maximizes uptime so there are no data blindspots – and industries remain fully digitally-capable no matter what.

Use Case - Smart Grid Infrsatructure

When consumers lose power, operators lose money. Energy companies need clear visibility of both power consumption, and a way to stay alert of outages and incidents as they occur. Digitization makes this possible.


Krucial Connect provides remote grid visibility without relying on costly point-to-point networks or unreliable cellular connectivity.


  • Reduce operational costs by managing your grid remotely
  • Identify faults, solve outages faster, and reduce their frequency overall
  • Coordinate precise demand response programs with up-to-date information on surges
  • Get a clearer picture of performance across electrical, environmental and spatial parameters
  • Optimize power production and reduce emissions with accurate environmental data

If you’re looking to enable your digital transformation in the move towards industry 4.0, visit Krucial CONNECT. Our solution enables reliable connectivity tailored to your specific needs, backed by cutting-edge space technology and extensive industry expertise. 


If you want more information on how Krucial can enable the digitization of water basins, fill out the form below and one of the team will be in touch.

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