Bolstering business: reliable communications in the face of a changing climate

Bolstering business: reliable communications in the face of a changing climate


In an increasingly interconnected world, maintaining seamless communication isn't just an advantage; it's a necessity. Yet, the impact of extreme weather events due to climate change can have a detrimental impact on communications infrastructure, leading to power and comms outages. Krucial has produced a solution that maximises connectivity resilience even during extreme weather events.

Krucial CONNECT is a robust and resilient digital solutions provider which seamlessly integrates with existing technology frameworks. Leveraging space technology orbiting our planet, Krucial empowers businesses with the resilience needed to maintain continuous connectivity to get full advantage of cutting-edge digital technologies. The solution's innate adaptability effortlessly switches between cellular and satellite communication based on availability, safeguarding users against any downtime.

In the context of increasing extreme weather, which can knock traditional communications infrastructure out, reliability has never been so important.

Krucial has demonstrated its resiliency in extreme weather already.

During a fierce storm off Scotland's coast, Krucial proved its mettle by offering uninterrupted satellite connectivity to an aquaculture client when cellular networks faltered. Even when signal was cut out across the region, data from the fish farm Krucial was deployed to kept flowing. This incident underscores the significance of having a dependable communications infrastructure in place.

Tackling the changes to our climate causing more extreme weather also requires ubiquitous connectivity. Enabling AI, digital twins, predictive maintenance and other cutting-edge technologies that can give decision-makers – from business leaders to policymakers - deeper insight into operations and the environment is critical. Without having a robust communications infrastructure in place, the latest digital technologies cannot be deployed in remote areas, and new models can’t be fed.

By adopting Krucial CONNECT, businesses can assured that their connectivity won't be compromised. This solution, which epitomizes resilience, allows organizations to concentrate on their core operations, leaving behind concerns about potential losses due to communication breakdowns.

In a digital landscape where industries are rapidly digitizing, Krucial emerges as a steadfast partner. From energy and asset management to aquaculture, Krucial extends its resiliency-driven approach, fortifying sectors to flourish in a digitally interconnected era. By eliminating downtime and reinforcing communication, Krucial propels businesses toward unwavering success.

If you want more information on how Krucial can help digitize your operations get in touch.

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