Your business needs a resilient digital infrastructure – here’s why

Your business needs a resilient digital infrastructure – here’s why


Connectivity is no longer a privilege – it’s a necessity. When your business loses connection it loses access to information, to people and to productivity. 


What we’ve seen in recent days, months and years across the world, however, is that unless resiliency is built into communications infrastructure, downtime as a result of extreme weather or other anomalies becomes a real possibility.  


It’s not just remote areas which can suffer from coverage blackspots and downtime – it can happen anywhere on earth, affecting businesses, individuals, emergency services and transport.  


Shetland is still experiencing being cut off as a result of a damaged undersea cable, while a few months ago Rogers, a major telecoms provider in Canada, also experienced an outage, knocking out 25% of internet connectivity in the country. These are not new events. In 2018, a day long data outage for o2 users in the UK also struck, affecting millions of people. During extreme weather, meanwhile, it’s not uncommon for networks to go down – evidenced in 2021 when Storm Arwen knocked out communications and power for up to a million homes and businesses, with power not restored to some of those for more than a week. 


The effects of these outages are significant; as well as the dangers associated with having no connectivity for citizens, there’s a huge strain on public services as a result (police are putting on extra patrols in Shetland during this time to reassure people), while businesses lose out on data and working time. Providers also may have to pay millions in rebates to affected users. 


Tackling that weak spot – eliminating it – is what Krucial does, by offering maximum resiliency for communications providers. Infrastructure from cabling to cellphone towers is vulnerable, which is why Krucial’s resilient solution has been designed to integrate easily into existing technology stacks.  


Using space technology already on orbit, we provide businesses and organizations with the resiliency they need to ensure downtime is a thing of the past. Our solution switches automatically between cellular and satellite depending on availability – so there’s no downtime for users. 


We’ve done it before.  


When a storm hit Shetland earlier this year, cellular connectivity went down. An aquaculture client of ours would normally have lost access to their data during this period – losing valuable insights. However, by using Krucial’s system, satellite connectivity was automatically engaged and no data was lost – highlighting just how important a resilient communications infrastructure can be. 


Using Krucial Connect means you can trust that connectivity will not present any hurdles, with the most resilient system possible in place – leaving you time to get on with what it is that makes your business a success. 


Krucial engages with industries including energy, utilities and aquaculture – find out more about how we help sectors digitize atIndustries – KRUCIAL. 


If you want more information on how Krucial can enable the digitization of water basins, fill out the form below and one of the team will be in touch.

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