Understanding chemical spray drift with Krucial CONNECT

Understanding chemical spray drift with Krucial CONNECT


Understanding when and where to spray during harvest is critical for farmers – to deter pests, weeds and other contaminants from crops and safeguard human health. 

Decisions throughout the growing cycle rely on data – and spraying is no different. Having insight into soil conditions and wind direction can impact significantly on when crops should be sprayed.  

Often, however, getting that data is challenging. Sensors exist to monitor a whole host of parameters – but in remote areas, the connectivity is not available to get that data back to farmers.  

Krucial and Connected Farms have combined to offer a powerful, tailored solution to solve this challenge. Utilising the latest in space technology and Internet of Things devices including sensors means sprayers will automatically now shut down if there is a wind direction change – and keep a record of wind direction while spraying takes place. In addition, soil moisture probes are also included to help with sowing and other decisions during the growing cycle.  

The result? Farmers can be confident in when and where crops have been sprayed, regardless of conditions or location – and can access critical data about their crops no matter where they are. No more unnecessary trips to far-away fields. With this combined solution, farmers now have all the data they need to ensure efficient spraying at all times on their desktop or mobile phone.  

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