How can large scale infrastructure monitoring be simplified?

How can large scale infrastructure monitoring be simplified?

Infrastructure monitoring, driven by growing demands for insights into equipment and environmental conditions, has never been more important for those responsible for managing large scale projects on sites such as bridges and dams.  

In major economies like the USA, where urgent repairs are needed, with over 46,000 bridges in poor condition costing approximately $125 billion, there's a clear need for a systematic approach to infrastructure preservation. This is also evident with dams – there's a high-hazard potential of approximately 15,600 dams in the USA.  

While digital technologies enhance repair and maintenance efforts, inconsistent or unavailable connectivity can make data availability a challenge – and a blocker to the deployment of digital solutions including digital twins and predictive maintenance tools, which rely on timely and accurate in situ data.   

Krucial delivers robust digital solutions designed for customers seeking scalable, cost-effective, and resilient communications infrastructure in remote or challenging environments. Dams, bridges and other infrastructure – even in remote locations – can now be monitored remotely no matter where in the world they are, all via one single point of truth, removing complexity and maximising return on investment for customers. 

Solving the connectivity challenge 

Krucial CONNECT provides complete connectivity resilience and maximises device uptime, ensuring seamless integration of sensor data regardless of location. Using hybrid connectivity, data flows continuously, leveraging cellular and multiple satellite backhauls. Should cellular signal falter, the K-Cell gateway seamlessly transitions to satellite, guaranteeing uninterrupted data flow and eliminating blind spots—even for offsite or offshore operations.  

Decomplicating large scale deployments 

A large site with potentially thousands of sensors, made by multiple different manufacturers and some with different end dashboards and software is a complicated, difficult-to-run, and a barrier to deploying a single, powerful digital twin or end application into which all data flows easily.  

Streamlining large-scale IoT deployments requires a single gateway capable of connecting thousands of sensors, even from various providers. Traditionally, accommodating multiple device manufacturers employing different communication protocols entails integrating numerous software packages to extract valuable data. However, Krucial simplifies this process by offering a straightforward deployment solution that can digitise a site within a matter of hours, ending challenges associated with proprietary technology. 

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