Krucial co-founder to address Aqua Nor 2023

Krucial co-founder to address Aqua Nor 2023

Krucial Co-founder and CTO, Kevin Quillien, will be a featured speaker at this year’s Aqua Nor, the world’s largest aquaculture technology exhibition. Kevin’s talk will delve into the transformative potential of space technology in revolutionizing remote farming operations.


From leveraging satellite communications to implementing advanced IoT solutions, Kevin will speak to the significant opportunities available to aquaculture by embracing new technologies. The talk will take place at the Scottish Pavilion, Stand D-334 on Wednesday 23 August at 4pm. Krucial will also be exhibiting on the Scottish Pavilion for the duration of the event alongside partners from the Sustainable Aquaculture Innovation Centre and Highlands and Islands Enterprise.


Taking place in Trondheim, Norway between 21 and 24 August, Aqua Nor is the world’s most important aquaculture trade show. As well as an exhibit of around 500 organisations and more than 25,000 visitors from about 76 countries, the show will feature talks from leading aquaculture figures from the worlds of industry, academia, finance and government.


Krucial works closely with the aquaculture industry to provide new insights and detailed information remotely for fish farmers about environmental parameters, fish welfare and asset condition. It currently works with Mowi, the world’s largest producer of Atlantic Salmon, to provide in situ environmental data to benefit its operations and fish welfare.


Krucial’s Aquaculture Offering

Connected Seafarm allows producers to digitize their farms by deploying a suite of sensors for in-situ environmental monitoring combined with resilient drop-in hybrid cellular and satellite connectivity that transfers data via the cloud to an intuitive data insights platform. This gives operators a clear view of operations and helps identify when parameters become dangerous for fish so preventative action can be taken to boost fish welfare. Connected Seafarm can be used to detect algal bloom and other environmental incidents, as well as provide insights on asset condition.

Krucial also recently announced its new remote feed solution. Fish farmers can get a continuous video stream from pens in areas even with no cellular connectivity or power and feed individual pens remotely with the touch of a button based on the insights received. Using the latest satellite technology, with auto adjusting flat panel antennas, means that barge movement does not impact the technology’s usability, offering an advantage over ‘line of sight’ solutions.


Visit the Krucial team at Aqua Nor by dropping by the Scottish Pavilion, Stand D-334, or reach out via the contact form to book in a meeting.

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