Krucial and Logicomms Join Forces to Deliver Next-generation Solutions

Krucial and Logicomms Join Forces to Deliver Next-generation Solutions

Satellite-enabled communications specialist Krucial has entered into a strategic partnership with Logicomms, a leading telecommunication solutions company based in Scotland. The collaboration aims to deliver enhanced value to organizations across the UK and beyond by providing a comprehensive range of communication solutions that go beyond the limitations of conventional options.  

The partnership brings together Krucial's expertise in satellite-enabled communication solutions, and Logicomms' strong foothold in the telecommunication industry. Together, the focus will be on offering hybrid communications and end-to-end data solutions to organizations with dispersed remote operations or those in need of resilient communication for mission-critical data. 

With a shared commitment to quality, reliability and resiliency, the collaboration allows the companies to broaden their market presence, catering to a diverse range of customer requirements in industries such as energy, maritime, and emergency response, where reliable communication is essential.  

Commenting on the announcement, Allan Cannon, CEO and co-founder of Krucial, said: “The partnership with Logicomms marks an exciting development in Krucial’s journey as we bring digital transformation to more and more organizations.  

“Logicomms, like Krucial, is a fast-growing, cutting-edge Scottish company serving a number of high-profile enterprise customers, and I’m confident that partnering the capabilities of both companies will boost our offering.  

“We’ve been working on opportunities together throughout the past few months and our value propositions are closely aligned. Together, we have the potential to couple telecomms, space technology and internet of things technology in a way that will make digital transformation a reality for customers.” 

Logicomms, incorporated in 2007, offers business connectivity, networking, IT and security solutions to businesses across the UK.    

Mark Hanson, Commercial Director at Logicomms spoke on the partnership: 

“Data driven, decision making helps businesses be safer, more productive and ultimately more profitable. With the proliferation of internet enabled devices, many companies and organisations struggle with reliable connectivity to the internet especially in more remote areas of the country. Krucial’s products elegantly merge the benefits of Satellite and Cellular backhaul with the ability to harvest data from a local network of wireless sensors and other devices. The partnership with Krucial is strategically important to Logicomms as it will not only help our customers build robust and reliable data sets from devices anywhere in the world, it also makes it simple to aggregate the data securely in the cloud. It’s a complete end to end solution.” 

“These developments are particularly exciting for our customers who operate within the aquaculture, agritech, transport, health and energy sectors and we look forward to working closely with the team at Krucial to deliver these solutions”. 

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