Feed remotely with Connected Seafarm - Video

Feed remotely with Connected Seafarm - Video

Krucial now offers fish farmers the ability to feed remotely (away from site/shore) by communicating low-latency video and feed controls via satellite.

Fish farmers can now access a continuous video feed from their pens, even in remote areas with no cellular connectivity or power. They can conveniently manage and feed individual pens remotely using their desktop or mobile devices, making informed decisions based on real-time insights.

The new solution, which is an add on to the Connected Seafarm will transmit high bandwidth video data over cellular or satellite, whichever is available. If the primary satellite fails, a secondary satellite kicks in to maximise resilience. This means that even in extreme weather or further offshore, where connectivity has traditionally been an obstacle, farmers still have an overview of their operations and can still feed remotely.

Whether the operator is onshore or thousands of miles away, they can continuously monitor fish behaviour and execute feeding operation. Krucial's technology breaks down geographical barriers, empowering fish farmers with unprecedented control and real-time access to their aquaculture operations, irrespective of their location.

This breakthrough can save the industry millions and improve fish welfare – but how does it work?

Check out the video below to see how our solution works and how it can benefit your fish farm.


Get in touch to learn more about feeding remotely with Connected Seafarm and our pilot programme of the technology.

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