Krucial and Syrinx announce partnership to drive environmental monitoring capabilities worldwide

Krucial and Syrinx announce partnership to drive environmental monitoring capabilities worldwide

Satellite-enabled communication specialist Krucial has announced a strategic partnership with Syrinx, the Australian-based environmental design experts. Together the companies will collaborate to develop cutting-edge environmental monitoring solutions.

Krucial provides resilient, reliable access to mission-critical data for industries with remote and hard-to-reach assets. Using a combination of state-of-the-art satellite and cellular technology combined with IoT and cloud services, Krucial's solution offers an easy to integrate end-to-end digital infrastructure that can connect any operation on the planet, unlocking digital transformation anywhere. Its platform can act as a single point of truth, connecting numerous industrial IoT devices, measuring multiple parameters in one system – simplifying deployment and enabling thorough environmental monitoring on largescale projects worldwide.

Syrinx is a multi-disciplinary and creative solutions-focused environmental company based in Australia, with expertise in developing innovation for nature-based biodiversity, water and climate solutions. Syrinx has pioneered the EnPhytoBox – a smart, natural wastewater treatment system which is zero waste and powered 100% by renewables, in line with net zero targets set across the globe.

The companies will collaborate together on IoT and communication aspects of the Syrinx EnPhytoBox®, to unlock the potential of treating wastewater on nearly any site in the world. Krucial will subsequently collaborate further, to enable telemetry for a series of wetlands monitoring projects globally.

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Krucial will collaborate with Syrinx on IoT and comms for the Syrinx EnPhytoBox.

Monitoring wetlands is a complex, intricate undertaking due to the delicate balance needed to preserve biodiversity amidst urbanization, agriculture expansion, heavy industry discharge, persistent water pollution, and climate change impacts.​ The collaboration between Krucial and Syrinx will enable the transmission of in-situ sensor data in urban, rural and remote settings, using hybrid connectivity infrastructure in an initial deployment that will serve as a test-bed for future projects.

The ability to monitor in challenging areas, regardless of extreme weather, lack of terrestrial communications infrastructure and power supply, will be transformative as Syrinx and Krucial look to empower environmental monitoring in new projects worldwide. Commenting on the announcement, Krucial co-founder and CEO Allan Cannon said: “At Krucial, we want to be at the forefront of sustainable innovations, and that means working with industry trailblazers that share our values, such as Syrinx.”

“This partnership will unlock countless use cases for new environmental monitoring solutions by integrating Krucial’s technology and ability to transmit data from any sensor, in any location, into any data application and combining that with Syrinx’s deep environmental knowledge and expertise. If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it and you can’t improve it. Today’s announcement will empower organisations to reduce emissions and reach their environmental goals more quickly.”

Syrinx’s founder and CEO, Dr Kathy Meney advised “We are very excited to be working with Krucial to unlock the EnPhytoBox®’s true potential of treating water nearly anywhere in the world, thanks to the IoT and advanced communication systems that Krucial has developed. This is a perfect fusion of different technologies, to unlock the potential of treating water that would otherwise be wasted and providing new opportunities for people to access fresh, clean water, globally”.

Find out more about Krucial at, and more about Syrinx at Syrinx – Nature-based Technology, Innovation and Solutions. To find out more about how Krucial and Syrinx can support your environmental goals, contact us at Contact - KRUCIAL.


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