Emissions Monitoring in Remote Areas with Hybrid Connectivity

Emissions Monitoring in Remote Areas with Hybrid Connectivity


The energy sector is actively seeking cutting-edge digital technologies to enhance operational efficiency. However, the challenge lies in implementing these technologies across remote and widespread assets both on- and offshore due to connectivity limitations. Seamless communication infrastructure is crucial for unlocking the full potential of the Internet of Things (IoT). 

Efficiency improvement, emissions reduction, enhanced worker safety, and overall profitability are among the many advantages of a well-executed digital strategy. While tools for asset and site monitoring already exist, the hurdle is effectively translating the collected data into actionable insights for decision-makers, particularly in areas lacking terrestrial connectivity (which includes about 90% of the Earth's surface). 

But with the global IoT in energy market expected to reach a value of $357bn by 2028, the energy sector has an opportunity to take advantage of cutting-edge technology that can transform how it operates.  

Krucial enables the full deployment of IoT on energy operations anywhere in the world – especially in hard-to-reach areas. How does Krucial's core technology, Krucial CONNECT, work in practice?  

  • Sensors set up on site collect information from assets on parameters including vibration, pressure, temperature and more. 
  • Krucial's K-Cell smart gateway establishes wireless connections with these IoT devices, effectively collecting and processing operational data even from distances of up to 15 km. This means a single K-Cell can digitize an entire site. 
  • Using a combination of cellular and multiple satellite backhauls, which engage automatically depending on what is available, data is then moved to the cloud where it's accessible for decision-makers. 
  • Data can be integrated seamlessly into existing platforms - including software from partners - facilitating insights that drive performance improvements.

Use case: emissions monitoring on remote energy sites 

Emissions monitoring is critical for adhering to regulations and environmental preservation. However, obtaining accurate and timely data from remote locations poses a significant challenge.

With Krucial CONNECT, operators can continuously monitor emissions data from power generation processes, encompassing metrics like CO2 and methane levels. This data can trigger alerts to the relevant team member when thresholds are breached, and it's essential for regulatory compliance reporting.

Moreover, utilizing the data collected through Krucial CONNECT empowers operators to make data-driven investments and plans aimed at minimizing greenhouse gas emissions. These insights are pivotal for driving environmentally conscious strategies that would be considerably less targeted without the comprehensive insights offered by Krucial. 

If you want more information on how Krucial can enable the digitization of water basins, fill out the form below and one of the team will be in touch.

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