Digitizing your fish farm

Digitizing your fish farm


Aquaculture, with its potential to feed the world’s growing population, is poised to play a crucial role in global food security. However, for this industry to grow sustainably, efficient monitoring and management of pens and assets are paramount. With digitization and Internet of Things (IoT) technology, decision-makers can now gain valuable insights to maximize efficiency and enhance fish welfare. From environmental monitoring to algal bloom detection and feed barge monitoring, digitization offers a revolutionary approach to address key challenges in aquaculture.


Krucial Connected Seafarm: Empowering Aquaculture Digitization

Krucial Connected Seafarm emerges is a game-changer in this digital revolution. With its seamless integration of IoT technology, it provides a drop-in private network that digitizes any farm within hours. This industrially certified solution thrives in extreme operating environments and ensures uninterrupted data flow by automatically switching between satellite and cellular networks. Its resilience and futureproof design allow deployment in any location, be it onshore, nearshore, or offshore.


Unlocking the Benefits of Digitization:

Early Issue Detection: By leveraging IoT sensors and data analysis, Krucial Connected Seafarms enables early detection of potential issues. Prompt identification of challenges such as water quality fluctuations or equipment malfunctions allows for timely intervention, reducing the risk of significant losses.


In-depth Environmental Analysis: The digitization of aquaculture facilitates comprehensive analysis of environmental conditions. Continuous access to data on temperature, dissolved oxygen levels, and other crucial parameters empower decision-makers to make informed choices, optimizing production processes and ensuring the well-being of their fish.

Resource Usage Optimization: Understanding and managing resource utilization is key to sustainable growth in aquaculture. Krucial Connected Seafarm provides accurate and granular data on feed consumption, water usage, and energy consumption, enabling informed resource allocation decisions that mimimize waste.


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