Connected Seafarm: Data Insights Platform Demonstration

Connected Seafarm: Data Insights Platform Demonstration

Connected Seafarm allows producers to digitize their farms by deploying a suite of sensors for in-situ environmental monitoring combined with resilient drop-in hybrid cellular and satellite connectivity that transfers data via the cloud to an intuitive data insights platform. This gives operators a clear view of operations and helps identify when parameters become dangerous for fish so preventative action can be taken to boost fish welfare.


Aquaculture monitoring with Connected Seafarm: Data Insights Platform 

Data is collected from in-situ sensors deployed across your farm and sent via the cloud to the intuitive data insights platform. Raw sensor data is transformed into easily managed data insights pen-to-pen.


  • Raw sensor data translated into valuable actionable insights accessibly by local and central teams.
  • Set up threshold alerts to notify personnel to take action when environmental changes are deemed a danger to fish health. 
  • Store and track live and historical data to identify trends in environmental conditions to streamline operations.
  • Replicate your farm layout to visualize and interpret live and historic data pen-to-pen. 

Measure and manage anywhere, anytime

Connected Seafarm can be installed and set-up in less than six hours enabling remote monitoring of environmental parameters such as dissolved oxygen, water temperature, turbidity, salinity and chlorophyll-a. Industrially certified for extreme environments and off-grid capable, the system is designed to be resilient in the most extreme locations. If cellular infrastructure fails or isn’t available, near real-time data continues to feedback via multiple satellite backhauls – meaning no more blindspots, regardless of location or weather conditions. 



Watch a product demonstration of Connected Seafarm’s Data Insights Platform by submitting the form below. The short demonstration will show how data is displayed from a farm and go over the key features and functionalities of the intuitive platform.

If you want more information on how Krucial can enable the digitization of water basins, fill out the form below and one of the team will be in touch.

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