Broaden your remote monitoring capabilities with Krucial CONNECT

Broaden your remote monitoring capabilities with Krucial CONNECT

As we grapple with the challenges posed by climate change and aging infrastructure, the spotlight on understanding asset health is becoming increasingly bright. The consequences of delayed detection can be not only expensive (it’s already estimated that fixing infrastructure in the USA could cost up to $2.6 trillion) but potentially dangerous. Continuous monitoring is a must to avoid that bill rising even higher.

The traditional methods of monitoring, often reliant on expensive and time-consuming manual processes, can result in inconsistencies and overlook critical issues. A recent survey from Bentely Systems and Thoughtlab of 500 companies involved in monitoring dams, mines, bridges, and infrastructure engineering revealed that only 28% of dam monitoring is fully automated – underscoring the opportunity available for innovative technologies to bridge the gap and provide seamless, automated monitoring across diverse environments.

Krucial CONNECT is a cutting-edge solution that empowers engineers and managers with the ability to receive mission-critical information in a timely manner no matter the location – meaning monitoring of assets anywhere on earth can be undertaken remotely.

Krucial uses cellular and multiple satellite backhauls to transmit IoT data to the cloud at all times – switching between the backhauls automatically depending on availability. This means that if a storm cuts out cellular, or cellular isn’t available at all, satellite automatically kicks in. Around 90% of the planet has no access to terrestrial communications infrastructure; that no longer means monitoring has to be manual.

Krucial CONNECT facilitates the integration of data from any sensor, in any location, into any application. This enables the monitoring of infrastructure, geohazards, and assets in remote locations, ensuring that no area is left unmonitored due to the lack of communication infrastructure. Integrating with existing instrumentation and powerful digital twins means those responsible for monitoring can continue using trusted systems – only now with the most robust communications platform available.

Robust communications leads to more automation – and in the same survey from Bentley Systems and Thoughtlab, it was revealed that 82% of those organisations which have fully automated have broadened their monitoring capabilities and services.

Improved connectivity and powerful middleware to deploy cutting-edge monitoring technologies can transform how we detect issues and keep infrastructure from crumbling. Using technology that can tap into satellite capabilities means communications to the cloud is possible everywhere – regardless of location.

Get in touch with our team to find out how Krucial CONNECT can help you broaden your monitoring capabilities.

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