Asset Integrity Management with Krucial CONNECT

Asset Integrity Management with Krucial CONNECT

Asset integrity management (AIM) is critical to maximising the efficiency of an asset lifecycle, whether it’s on or offshore, and ensuring it functions properly.

Investment into AIM reaches into the billions of dollars every year on the basis that it improves worker safety, allows for the early detection of faults, and enables swift response to any challenges that may arise.

But to deploy an effective AIM tool, connectivity is a necessity. If the data collected cannot be communicated quickly and remotely, it may become outdated or irrelevant. For energy companies looking to hold data in a centralized platform for ease of access for their teams, this is not good enough. If terrestrial connectivity is patchy, and wired solutions aren’t an option, hybrid connectivity that can tap into satellite is the most effective solution.

Furthermore, data collected often has to be suitably integrated with existing business systems in order that end users can minimise the software work required to use AIM solutions.

Krucial CONNECT empowers energy companies to engage in real-time monitoring, data analysis, and predictive maintenance, thereby fortifying the integrity of their energy assets and minimizing downtime. Wirelessly connect IoT devices to securely transmit data from assets, sites, infrastructure and buildings to the cloud and directly into existing software systems for continuous, accurate asset integrity management. If the cell network fails, satellite kicks in, meaning business-critical data is always available, and uptime is maximised. Krucial’s open API means no vendor-lock in, and valuable insights are available within a matter of hours from setup.

Using the latest IoT technology to manage assets is not a new idea – but guaranteeing the continuous transfer of that IoT data to decision-makers anywhere on earth could be transformative for AIM solutions. Get in touch to find out more.

Speak to the team about maximising the resiliency of your asset integrity management, fill out the form below and one of the team will be in touch.

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