R3-IoT is now Krucial – Let’s digitize the planet

Since being founded as R3-IoT in 2018, Krucial has been on a mission to digitize the planet. We believe a fully digitized world is a better world, and that remains the case. Our mission hasn’t changed. But we have grown and evolved. We are now Krucial. 

In the last few years we’ve more than doubled headcount, opened bespoke new office space and run successful trials across multiple industries. We’ve commercialized a product, secured patents and engaged with international partners. With the launch of Krucial, we’re ready to go even further. 

Krucial represents the importance of digital transformation to enterprises in all locations and situations. We strive to make customers feel always in control, no matter what. Krucial works to provide continuous connectivity, operational insights and automated critical response.  

We’re still on a mission to digitize the planet. It’s never been more Krucial. 

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