Krucial selected for prestigious Plug and Play Accelerator

Krucial selected for prestigious Plug and Play Accelerator

Krucial has been selected in the latest cohort of participants in the prestigious Silicon-Valley based Plug and Play Accelerator. We have been chosen as one of only five companies from an initial list of 60 elite entrants from all over the world.


Plug and Play operates programmes in more than 35 locations across five continents, providing innovative startups with access to large corporates, mentoring and specialist workshops. Its VC function has also invested in a host of successful global startups, from Paypal to Dropbox.


Digitizing agriculture

We will participate in the Brazilian accelerator, with a specific focus on agritech, an industry projected to be worth more than $40bn by 2027 (Global Agritech Market Report 2021: Market was Valued at (


Our game-changing connectivity solution offers the opportunity for the agriculture sector to fully digitize operations, regardless of existing communications infrastructure. We do this by offering ‘agnostic’ technology; our product switches automatically between cellular and satellite communications protocols, meaning if one fails, the other kicks in.

Krucial Co-founder and CEO Allan Cannon
Krucial Co-founder and CEO Allan Cannon

Connectivity challenges

By its very nature, a lot of agricultural activity takes place in rural and remote settings, and connectivity can be a challenge. Monitoring crops, livestock and conditions remotely is therefore not an option for many operators.


Building a solution which make continuous, high-quality data available to decision-makers in agricultural settings will not only provide previously unattainable oversight of conditions, but also feed into predictive maintenance, reduce waste and benefit livestock welfare.

Commenting on the opportunity, Krucial Co-founder and CEO Allan Cannon said:

“It’s great for Krucial to have been accepted on to such a prominent and successful programme.


“Our solution has been designed to work across industries and across geographies. We help operators everywhere digitize their workstreams and nowhere is this more crucial than in agriculture. Agriculture is responsible for feeding the population and should have access to the most accurate and timely data possible, but with around 90% of the planet lacking cellular connectivity, this is often not the case.


“Working with the elite level corporate mentors and other cohort members at Plug and Play will drive our innovation forward, accelerate our growth and further sharpen our focus as we strive to take our business and reach to the next level.


“Having undergone a rebrand and commercialized only a matter of months ago, to be recognized this way is a huge moment in our journey. Be it Brazil or Bahrain, in agriculture, aquaculture or any other industry with remote assets, we’re confident that Krucial’s offering can be truly transformative.”


For more information on Krucial’s connectivity platform, get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

If you want more information on how Krucial can enable the digitization of water basins, fill out the form below and one of the team will be in touch.

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