Our vision

A fully digitized planet.

Our mission

To make digital transformation achievable for all, no matter the location or situation. 

Any business with an ambition deserves the opportunity to move towards it. 

And to not be held back by their whereabouts, or a lack of resources. That’s why Krucial exists. We help businesses of all sizes to work smarter, aim higher, and achieve more—without being limited by their location, or communications infrastructure.

Our technology helps businesses transform for the better. Connecting them to the information they need, and making sure they stay connected—no matter what.

The problem

Data is the lifeblood of modern businesses. It helps us grow, develop, and perform better at every level. If it can’t be measured, it can’t be improved.

Data thrives on connectivity. And in the city, connectivity is a given.

But venture further afield, and you soon find that 90% of the planet’s surface can’t be connected to the cellular network.

At least not until now.

The solution

This is where we come in. Our technology removes blindspots. So you can access the data you need from anywhere—more efficiently and easily than ever.

No limitations. No need for traditional communications infrastructure. Just reliable, secure connectivity that any business can rely on.

Every. Single. Time.

How Krucial came to be

Before Krucial, co-founders Allan and Kevin launched missions for the space industry.

Until one day they set sight on a mission of their own.

A mission to digitize the planet.


Because they saw that communication, as we know it today, is incomplete. There’s a gap that means remote regions of the world are still disconnected.
A gap which, if closed, will benefit businesses, industries and communities worldwide.

That’s why Krucial was born—to connect businesses on the ground to the power of space technology.

Since then our team has grown to include some of the most keen and capable professionals in the world of connectivity.

Diverse in talent, but united in our vision. Since day one, our mission hasn’t changed. And every day, we get one step closer to making universal connectivity a reality. What could be more Krucial than that?

Our journey so far

About our founders

Allan Cannon

CEO and Founder

Allan Cannon is co-founder and CEO of space technology scale up Krucial, where he is responsible for business growth and strategy.

With a background in complex technology, business development and spacecraft mission design, Allan is on a mission to make digital transformation easier for all —anywhere on earth.

Allan is also a keen advocate for the next generation of entrepreneurs, engineers, scientists, and leaders. He currently sits on the board of CodeClan, a digital bootcamp accelerator and is an active member of the Scottish tech ecosystem.

Kevin Quillen

CTO and Founder

Kevin Quillien is co-founder and CTO of space technology scale up Krucial, where he is responsible for the development of Krucial’s innovative technology.

Kevin has a successful track record of delivering complex projects in the fields of astronautics, satellite systems, communications (TT&C), R&D, digital transformation, and product delivery. His latest mission is to use space technology to end the geographical divide between those businesses that can access connectivity and those that can’t.

At Krucial, Kevin steers our technological strategy and leads on product R&D, delivery and implementation.